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IGCSE Syllabus

IGCSE is more practical and application-based. It provides students with an opportunity to select courses according to their interest in the subjects of science, humanities, languages and mathematics. The courses also provide them with an opportunity to mix these subjects with components of fine arts, visual arts, theatre, technical drawing, music, film-making, community service, etc. The syllabus puts emphasis on developing critical thinking, analytical skills, communication skills, investigative abilities, problem-solving techniques, teamwork, independent research and other qualities valued by all international universities. They have a broader spectrum of subjects that lead to all-round development and are more challenging than Indian educational boards and test student knowledge, not their memory and speed.


Located at a prime location in the city of Karnal (approximately half a kilometre away from the main National Highway), Adarsh Public School is one of a kind and has been designed to provide comfort to all the students. We have made sure to keep world-class infrastructure along with the latest and modern technology. Our school has all the amenities and facilities according to the global standards for every student.

We have utilised the space in our school by putting large playgrounds that have indoor and outdoor activities. You can play sports on the ground or sit inside and have a fun time playing with fellow students. Some of the major games include skating, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and badminton. We encourage and motivate students to participate in sports activities no matter what. There is no competition on the playground but just a centre of fun for the students.

You will be mesmerised and captivated by the open lawns and the fresh floral bonanza the school offers. We love greenery and flora around us!

We have 60 ventilated classrooms that include math, science, and language laboratories. Every classroom has comfortable benches for students.

Transport to the school is simple and easy to navigate. Our school provides transport system throughout the city, and we only hire well-trained male/female drivers along with attendants.

We believe in providing students with all the facilities they deserve through our school. From infrastructure to sports to travel and academics, we aim to be the best!

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