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Adarsh School was just a dream, and it has now come to life! We are yet to gain glorious achievements by making our students disciplined and impeccable citizens of the country. I feel proud and joyous when I see learners coming together under one roof to go on to become prestigious scholars. We highly believe that morals and ethical values are the soul of our centre of education. We wish to create great human beings by strengthening and motivating every student to enhance his/her personality. We want to give this society a well-mannered and hard-working individual, who takes challenges gleefully. Our ultimate USP is introducing and aiming towards practical skills of children. Bookish knowledge is not enough to be successful in this society, there is a need to be street smart as well. Here at Adarsh, our students learn to muddle through the highs and lows in the never-stopping world. They are no bookworms glued to their syllabus, but they are all-rounders in every way. We are here to create dignified and decorous personalities.

I would like to add by expressing my sincere gratitude to all the diligent and meticulous staff members along with a grateful appreciation to the parents for making our dreams come true.