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IGCSE Syllabus

IGCSE is more practical and application-based. It provides students with an opportunity to select courses according to their interest in the subjects of science, humanities, languages and mathematics. The courses also provide them with an opportunity to mix these subjects with components of fine arts, visual arts, theatre, technical drawing, music, film-making, community service, etc. The syllabus puts emphasis on developing critical thinking, analytical skills, communication skills, investigative abilities, problem-solving techniques, teamwork, independent research and other qualities valued by all international universities. They have a broader spectrum of subjects that lead to all-round development and are more challenging than Indian educational boards and test student knowledge, not their memory and speed.

As Managing Director of Adarsh School,, I feel that transformations and up-gradations according to the present standards are must. For past 27 years our school has been educating the young ones irrespective of their background, culture and academic ability. Wee a happy school which works to develop full potential of its pupils. Our teachers are also experienced learners who work hard to provide best quality education to the children in their care. I am always impressed and proud of the outstanding achievements of our students. We believe in providing international standards to our students so that they are ready to meet international challenges.

At last, I would like to welcome you in this dynamic and energetic organisation.




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